UX design, layout design, prototyping, UI design, graphic design, concept development, design planning.


Design for the Tree App, the professional skills tracker. The app is a tool for the company to help the improvement of professional skills to give employes a clear personal and work related development plan. The app is meant to visualize and keep thack of the progress in a easy and fun way.


I got inspired by Pokémon GO for the clear and colorful layouts to make it fun to use and have a modern UI look.

The base concept and design is that the person is a tree that gets more branches and leafs as it grows. The branshes have different colors and represent the different types of skills that can be learned to specialise the employes in their selected areas. You collect leaves from the different branches by completing the tasks connected to that leaf. When egnouph leaves are collected, they can be used for a goal the employee has selected beforehand.

Currently in development.