Investment App

Stash is an investment app that makes it easier and more appealing to invest money in topics that the user find interesting. You don't need to know a lot about the investment market to get started investing with Stash. The app is designed to clearly and easily give information about the options for people to start investing in collections of businesses around a common theme. A colorful UI and images was selected to give a easy accessible look to help remove the stigma of complication in the topic of banking and economy. The use of the main color blue, is to insure trust for the user.

I worked on the Stash project at the time I was in New York working as UI designer at the design Agency AD:60.

In a team of UX designers, UI designers, Art directors and coders, I worked with the app layout team, illustrated icons and delivered the work to coders for implementation for a quick and smooth work flow.

Released 2016 in the US

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