Star Wars

Since 2017 I've been working as UX and UI designer on the Star Wars Battlefront II game, at DICE in Stockholm.
A game project created together with DICE, EA and Lucas Film.
Working with the UI team with design, layouts and UX work for the launch of Star Wars Battlefront II that launched worldwide for Consoles and PC the 17th of November 2017.
Creating user journey flows, layouts and designing solutions with the Star Wars fan and end player in focus.

I have continued working on the game in the Live team after launch where we develope and design additional features and updates for the Battlefront II game.
I have been the UI designer for new featues for the game, looking at what the player base wants, as well as creating user flows and UI for new game modes.

I have also worked extensively on new game modes for the game, where we work in smaller teams to create additional game modes to be tied into Battlefront II and adding new experiences to Star Wars.

Ewok Hunt

A new game mode to Battlefront II that needed we designed new screens and game flow for. In this infection type of game mode you play as Stormtroopers trying to survive or you play as an Ewok, defeating the intruders in the forest.
I designed the UI and HUD for the Ewok Hunt game mode to be more mysterius and simple, to fit with the style of the mode.

Hero Showdown

Showdown is a new game mode that tests the skills of players and Heroes in a new 2v2 elimination match. It has a new screen flow and spawning system to make for an intense and fast gameplay.

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