Star Wars

I've worked with UX and UI design on the Star Wars Battlefront II game at DICE in Stockholm. Creating user journey flows, layouts and designing solutions with the Star Wars fans and players in focus.
Battlefront II is a collaboration with DICE, Motive Studio, Criterion Games and Lucas Film. Launching worldwide for Consoles and PC the 17th of November 2017.

I continued working on the game after launch in the Live team, where we developed and designed additional features and updates for the game.
We worked in smaller feature teams to create additional game modes to be added into the Star Wars experiences of Battlefront II.

Ewok Hunt

A new game mode to Battlefront II that we designed in a uniqe way to fit with the more scary theme compared to other modes. In this 'infection' type of game mode you play as Stormtroopers trying to survive the night on the forest moon of Endor. Players must fight against the Ewoks that have unige deadly abilities to take out the Stormtroopers with. When you are defeated you instead become an Ewok, taking out the remainders of your old Stormtrooper friends.
I designed the UX and HUD for the Ewok Hunt mode to be more mysterius and minimalistic, to fit with the style of the game play.

Hero Showdown

Showdown is a game mode that tests the skills of players in a new 2v2 elimination Hero match. It has a new spawning system where players pick new Heroes and Villains to fight with inbetween the rounds. The new HUD promotes for better teamplay to make a intence and fun mode.

Hero Ship Brawl

Brawl is a new game mode that focuses on space fighting and having the players get into the Ship of the Heroes and Villains. The UI has been adapted from the Starfighter game mode to accomendate the need for more information about your teammates and the enemy team.

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