AAA Game

Wireframes, layouts, interaction design, concept development, information prioritisation, user journeys.

Working on UX, UI and HUD design on Battlefront V game at DICE in Stockholm. Creating user journey flows, layouts and designing solutions for the Battlefield first person shooter players in focus.

Worldwide launch for consoles and PC the 20th of November 2018.


A fun area where players can play solo or with friends to practice different things in the game. Target practice, using different guns and flying airplanes. I worked in a small team to provide UX and HUD solutions for the small challenges for this game mode. This part of the game had a very short deadline so we tested ideas in quick itterations. The UX challenges was to create a HUD that worked simular to the rest of the game modes, but with it's own type of gameplay.

Practice Range Trailer

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Practice Range. Start message presenting the trial areas

Practice Range, Shooting trial

Practice Range, Shooting trial, Round over

Shooting trial, targets