New York

Hello! I'm Anna Wikström.
I have passion for UX design, building highly polished user experiences, game design and UI interaction.
For business inquires

▪️ Eye for UI details

▪️ Make the complicated simple

▪️ Behaviour Psychology in design

▪️ Quick to sketch and visualize ideas

▪️ Looking at problems from different angles

▪️ App & web design

▪️ In-depth knowledge of UI/UX principles

▪️ Shipped AAA video game

▪️ Working in agile project environment

▪️ Iterating on creative conceptual UX ideas

▪️ Behaviour Design

▪️ Creating sketches and storyboards

▪️ Design information architecture

▪️ Early concept to detailed UI work

▪️ Collaborate with artists and coders

▪️ Analysing user research

▪️ Create personas, user journeys and experience maps

With an idea-bubbling head, I take on each project and challenge as a learning experience. Daily, I work with the project structure, creating user flows, user understanding, mapping user needs, creating wireframes, prototyping and interface design. I strive to create delightful user experienced where psychological triggers and gamification drives and makes users reach their goal with a smile on their face!

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