New York

Hello! I'm Anna Wikström.
I have passion for UX design, building highly polished user experiences, game design and UI interaction.

I’m interested in new projects, new ways to grow and new teams to work with.
For business inquires

▪️ Eye for UI details

▪️ Make the complicated simple

▪️ Behaviour Psychology in design

▪️ Quick to sketch and visualize ideas

▪️ Looking at problems from different angles

▪️ App & web design

▪️ In-depth knowledge of UI/UX principles

▪️ Shipped AAA video game

▪️ Working in agile project environment

▪️ Iterating on creative conceptual UX ideas

▪️ Behaviour Design

▪️ Creating sketches and storyboards

▪️ Design information architecture

▪️ Early concept to detailed UI work

▪️ Collaborate with artists and coders

▪️ Analysing user research

▪️ Create personas, user journeys and experience maps

With an idea-bubbling head, I take on each project and challenge as a learning experience. Daily, I work with the project structure, creating user flows, user understanding, mapping user needs, creating wireframes, prototyping and interface design. I strive to create delightful user experienced where psychological triggers and gamification drives and makes users reach their goal with a smile on their face!

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